Strategic Home Pages with WordPress

When building your homepage, ask yourself these questions!

Who should my homepage benefit?

Your audience, of course! Don’t start a website until you’ve honed in on your target. Trying to build a site that speaks to everyone will attract very few people and will not generate leads how you’d like.

What should my homepage supply?

It’s essential to tell your audience what you do and why it matters to you. Your visitors will also be looking for what sets you apart from others.
Two crucial questions to ask about the homepage of your website!

When should your homepage provide action?

You want your audience to go further into your website in hopes they will purchase, so including two or three call-to-actions before they’ve even scrolled down on your homepage will entice them. But there is a strategy behind your call to action. [-] You must place them in spots that are easy to locate for your audience [-] Make them striking and have high contrast on the page [-] The action should be brief and include action words

Where is your audience coming to your homepage from?

If you don’t know where your audience finds you, you don’t know whether your advertising is working or not. You can’t improve your efforts in the areas you lack or use similar tactics when you see success. Set up analytics and review them often by keeping notes and comparing numbers from previous timeframes.
Your homepage should give your audience information that builds their trust in you. Here are two questions that will help make this clearer:

Why should you provide additional resources to your audience?

When your audience first discovers you, they usually are not ready to buy from you yet. Offering your audience resources with additional information will allow them to keep looking into you and deciding if they think you know your stuff or not. Resources could be several things such as guides, catalogs, statistics, examples. To display these resources on your homepage, you can link your blog posts or have specific links in your footer.

How do you establish trust with your audience from your homepage?

Social media is a powerful trust-building tool. Many people will say they use social media for their audience to discover them. But if someone finds you off social media, having your social media links on your homepage will give your audience another source to check you out on. Make sure if you are going to display your social media on your website that you build your reputation on the platform. Having your audience go to your social media from your website to see that you have very few posts, followers, or organization will not build the trust you are looking for.

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