Andrea’s strategically designed website allowed her to begin sharing with others to build her credibility!

Andrea, the owner of Marbles and Me Co., first came to me when she started her business in the early part of 2022.

Marbles and Me Co is a human being-centered, holistic wellness small business run by a competent and compassionate nurse.

Andrea disclosed in her questionnaire…

“I want my business to be out there and findable so that clients have quick access to content or coaching services and tools to use to get their “better” selves. We are all striving, so it’s important to be thankful for who we used to be and hopeful for who we are becoming. My main focus is to have enough one-on-one clients and paid writing work to sustain my family and help others with these services who may not be able to pay full price.

I want our clients to feel secure throughout their entire journey here, and to walk away with a tangible, self-sustaining plan tailored just for them.”

Andrea’s site is built to reach people who are trying to better themselves but have yet to find someone compassionate and understanding that can truly help them find a better solution. With her coaching services, she can provide her clients with the help that fits them and their budgets.

Phase One: Objectives & Strategy

Strategy Session

Andrea expressed in our strategy call that she:
[-] Wanted to see a happy face when she landed on her site and have it carried throughout.
[-] Planned to share content on the blog on her Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.
[-] Wants clients to feel peace and positivity when the site first loads.
[-] Desires easy navigation for her audience.
[-] Requested a contact form that notifies the lead and herself when submitted.
[-] Needs to effectively display her coaching services and other offers to her audience without it being confusing.

After the strategy call, Andrea said

“Your questions also helped me get clearer on what services I was offering as I developed.”

Andrea had three key objectives I noticed I wanted to implement into her website strategy:


Create a happy, caring, and trustworthy design that her audience will resonate with instantly.


The content should highlight key components making it easy to digest, find, navigate, and share.


To build up her credibility with her audience, the site should make it easy to communicate with Andrea.

Phase Two: Website Development & Design

Website Platform

Andrea and I referenced a few other website designs during our strategy call together. A few of the features Andrea pointed out were an image underneath the menu, scrollable background images, full width and shortened sections of content. With all this in mind, I knew the Divi builder inside WordPress could accomplish these requests and more!

After installing Divi on a website, I always start adding the branding elements next because this step defines a lot of the design going forward. Andrea’s logo and colors are similar to the colors you would find in nature, which made it a lot of fun! A lot of muted browns mixed with dark browns and pops of green really brought the different sections to life.

Build Process

When building the home page, it all came together once I added Andrea’s content and some imagery of happy, smiley faces. It was hard not to love this design, and we were just getting started!

Once I received approval on the home page from Andrea, I was full speed ahead on the sub-pages. Ensuring the strategy checked off our key objectives, the branding was cohesive throughout, and the website was responsive on multiple devices made this project come together nicely!

Website Add-ons

As mentioned, Andrea had specific design elements she wanted to incorporate into her website. A few other add-ons we chose, which Divi also made easy to integrate, were contact forms, booking links, content with toggles, layered sections, textures on top of backgrounds, hover effects, testimonials, responsive design, and SEO optimization.

Review & Approvals

During the review, Andrea said, “I appreciated how you patiently listened to my vision for the final product and guided me towards how to realistically getting to that, as well as showing me some options, which, in some cases were actually better than what I thought I needed. Your process helped me to feel like I got the best quality and value for my money.”

Phase Three: Finalization & Handoff


After the site has the official stamp of approval the final pieces go into place where I remove unused media, plugins, and themes to provide my clients with a clean, organized, and easy-to-manage website. Screenshots, videos, and backups are created of the entire site in case we need to reference them in the future. I also add a basic SEO strategy with page titles and meta descriptions to ensure search engines have a general idea of who would benefit from the website’s content.

Since the handoff

Andrea mentioned, “You are respectful, knowledgeable, friendly, and work until you have a solid and beautiful result, which your clients love because you continue to connect throughout the process so they feel they got to really give their feedback and input into it.

Even your follow-up a few months after the fact. That small thing goes a long way to tell me you really care about the effects of your work. Thank you!”

Final Words From Andrea were,

“If someone needs help building a professional level website that really feels like theirs, having input all along the way, not feeling the stress of trying to learn the web design themselves, and with a friendly and authentic individual who brings their dream to reality- they need you.”

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